Cookie Scoops by Pampered Chef

I love all of the variations of the 3 types of cookie scoops that Pampered Chef has available. I use them for cookies during the holidays, but they can also be used for breads or any other malleable dough used for baking, etc.  They are durable and help make the cookies, etc all the same size, if that is what you want. It’s faster than using regular spoons It creates a clean scoop each time.

Pampered Chef Cookie Scoop - Small Medium Large
Pampered Chef Cookie Scoop – Small Medium Large

TIP: spray a little oil in the scoop when you are scooping and it comes out clean each time. TIP # 2: Keep in mind that the bigger you go with your scoop..the more room you may need to leave on your baking tray…and more cooking time you may need…the bigger the scoop that you go 🙂  Happy scooping!!


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