Northeast Woman: Article in my Local Paper Scranton Times Tribune Food for thought: Clarks Summit resident shares healthy recipes and cooking tips on popular blog BY EMMA SILVA / PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 23, 2016 SHARE THIS        MICHAEL J. MULLEN / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Laura Martinetti, a Clarks Summit resident, splits her time between working as an account executive at UPS and pursuing her passion,Continue reading Northeast Woman: Article in my Local Paper Scranton Times Tribune

Let’s Make Pasta!

    Several months ago, I was watching this wonderful documentary by the author, Michael Pollan.  It was called “Cooked”.  The major focus of this documentary was to remind us of where our food comes from.  It showed how bread is originally made and how processed and unhealthy food has become and how readily thisContinue reading Let’s Make Pasta!

Tasting by the Book Event

My hometown library invited me and other passionate, community cooks to share a bite of a culinary item that they love to make.  I decided to go to the more complicated route and make homemade egg rolls.  It’s worth the time and the prep…and one egg roll is a very filling appetizer. When you getContinue reading Tasting by the Book Event

Korean BBQ Los Angeles Style

Korean BBQ Los Angeles Style About a year ago, I decided to take my first trip to Los Angeles.  I wanted to experience the city and I had friends either living there or in close proximity to where I was.  I walked the Hollywood Blvd…did touristy things…saw all the movie star’s homes…and I ate some amazingContinue reading Korean BBQ Los Angeles Style

Amazing Benefits of Kimchi

I have been reading the benefits of kimchi…and it is everything that I need for my body.  My major focus is skin care and anti aging.  Yes, this is fermented, spicy cabbage…and depending on how long it has been fermented…get past the funky flavor at first…and you will taste the vinegary, spicy kick..and you areContinue reading Amazing Benefits of Kimchi

Sew French Blog

A woman after my own heart…!!!!  I love her photography, stitching and the clean look of her blog.  She is well known and posts the most delectable meals!  I wish I was there to try it, but she’s about 5 hours away from me!  She combines her love of food and cooking with her lovelyContinue reading Sew French Blog