Mexican Spaghetti Veggie Bowl

One of the major food trends is that people are pursuing more options for plant based meals whether they are vegetarians/vegans or not..but looking for that kick of protein at the same time.  Well, now they make some pastas with built in protein….and you can always add beans.  Beans are super packed with fiber for aContinue reading Mexican Spaghetti Veggie Bowl

Protein Stir Fry Bowl

Sometimes you just want some Chinese takeout, but you think about how it may not “be good for you”. Let’s kick it up a notch and add some protein to keep you fuller longer without the guilt tagging along in the back of your mind. Today was …. let’s make what’s in Laura’s pantry day.Continue reading Protein Stir Fry Bowl

Thanksgiving Special Blog

I had the honor of being a guest on a Harrisburg, PA morning show called Good Day in PA.  They gave me total freedom to make the show about anything I wanted, so I chose Thanksgiving as my theme.  I wanted to highlight an “after Thanksgiving” sandwich, and also a vegetarian option.  One of theContinue reading Thanksgiving Special Blog

Smoky Cheesy Tomato Tart

How did I begin my love affair with making tarts? I had the idea of jumping into trying out five complex French recipes on my friends, who were coming for dinner that night. One of these recipes was a carrot mustard tart. I was curious…what other tarts are out there?? The fun concept of theContinue reading Smoky Cheesy Tomato Tart