Colorful Quinoa Frittata

What is a frittata you ask?  It is only the most fabulous way to combine eggs with any colorful ingredient you can get your hands on in your kitchen.  I prefer the freshest ingredients and of course…the most vibrant ones too!  Frittatas are cooked differently than a regular omelet.  They start on the stove andContinue reading Colorful Quinoa Frittata

Fennel Parmesan

Well, I was in the mood for a vegetable dish…but then my love for cured meats took over.  I was never a huge fan of anise/fennel, but I am making an effort to be open to trying all vegetables.  I took the raw fennel, chopped it and marinated it in Italian dressing, but after that,Continue reading Fennel Parmesan

It’s So Simple

It’s so simple….just like this photograph.  There are so many complex ways you can  season a dish to make it taste just the way you want it.  For the regular cook or mother or father who tries to get the meal on the table, let’s make it simple. A few years ago, I went overContinue reading It’s So Simple