Demeyere Cookware for the Serious Chef!

Demeyere Cookware

So, I was at one of my favorite cooking classes at Sur La Table (I drive 2 hours south to go here) and the staff loves when I arrive.  They make a big deal and call me a legend for driving so far to cook with them.  Every time they have a new product…they know I will be a sucker and end up buying it when it’s amazing.  The thing about me though…is that I will save my money for quality.  I won’t purchase just any junky kitchen products.

I walked in and there was a sale going on with All Clad and Demeyere pan sets. I was thrilled….and was all set to get All Clad…but the salesperson convinced me otherwise.

“Do you cook on the grill?  Do you like it when the handles of the lid and pans are cool to the touch while you are cooking? Do you want cookware that will last you a lifetime?”  Yes, I do and love all of those things.  Since I am serious about cooking…and I spent most of my day in the kitchen when I’m not working…yes, this is an investment that is worth “doing without” for a few months.

What do I love about these pans?  Visually…they are beautiful.  The bright shiny silver shows that I am serious about how I cook…and the pans have a little weight to them, which helps them heat evenly.  When I cook on the stove, the handles of the pan itself and the lid remain cool.  When I put a chicken in one of the pans and put it on my 500-600 degree grill outside, it held up like a CHAMP and was easy to clean afterwards.  Once you get it that hot…the handles are hot to the touch….but that is not a normal temperature for me when it goes on the stove.

They are made in Belgium with 7ply or 9 ply, depending on your desired level of heat for a super high quality of steel.  Also, they are so easy to clean.  So many of my other sets were super hot on the handles…and when I’d cook with them, the temperature would be so uneven, due to the way the pan was made.  There would be areas that would burn and made it so hard to clean.  I simply don’t have those issues anymore.  I put it on medium to high heat…it heats evenly and I simply soak it in hot water and soap if needed for a few minutes and it cleans right up!

If you are serious about cooking and want to make it easier on yourself in the kitchen…I highly recommend these pans.  Don’t just buy one…go all the way and buy the whole set!

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