Fourth Burner Multi-Function Pot

Fourth Burner Multi-Function Pot

     So, imagine that you have four or more guests for dinner and you want to really impress them. You are making appetizers, a salad, an entrée and dessert. You have your large pasta pot going and you are trying to fit all of the other pots on the stove to make sure everything is ready on time.

     Enter the Fourth Burner Multi-Function Pot!!!!

  • It takes up such little space and can be placed on the small burner
  • It has a basket inside, so it can easily strain pasta, corn, eggs, etc
  • The handle and top spout is made of silicon and stays cool to touch
  • The glass lid on top makes it easy to watch the cooking progress
  • Silicon handle on the top the basket inside for easy lifting
  • Pouring spout at the top make it’s spill proof when discarding water
  • Everything is dishwasher safe

I have a glass top stove and for some reason, it takes forever to boil pasta in the large pot and I feel as if I am wasting water. I fill the water to slightly over half of the pot, place the food in and cover it. It takes no time at all and uses ¼ of the water I would use in a larger pot. Now you can save that larger pot for steaming clams or chicken stock!

I picked up this item from Sur La Table. It can be found online or in one of their stores, if that is local to you.

I highly recommend this product, because of how easy it is to use, speed of the cooking process and the small amount of space that you need to accommodate it on your stove or cabinet. Let’s make it easy on ourselves!

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