Ming Tsai Air Fryer – Healthy & Easy Clean Up Cooking

Ming Tsai Air Fryer
Ming Tsai Air Fryer
Korean Wings made with the air fryer!
Korean Wings made with the air fryer!

Today, I am going to review the air fryer product that I received as an early birthday present.  I kept hearing about it from my coworker.  I saw it at a kitchen gadget place that I frequent, and thought…”Oh great…another thing to take up space in my kitchen”, not really seeing the value of it.

Then, my coworker raved at how well it made the wings for his Super Bowl party.  Well….then, of course, I wanted one.  I briefly mentioned it to my mother and she reached out for me the next day and told me all about the one she bought for me.  It was my signature color too…RED!

I had to try the wings first.  You don’t need oil, it will conduct heat in such a way to give you a crispy result, as if you fried it…and the grease falls through the grate into the basket (all nonstick for easy clean up).  It is so easy to clean.  I actually threw out a deep fryer I had, because it was so hard to clean and left a residue, that I couldn’t quite get off, no matter how hard I tried.  I’ve used the air fryer several times and the clean up is so easy, it’s embarrassing that I didn’t purchase this sooner.

The wings came out with a healthy taste as if I baked them, but much crispier than baking wings.  It was as if I fried them, but without the grease.

How do they do it? It is a small cooking chamber with a heating element on the top that directs heat to the food below the chamber.  There is a fan located above the heating element that evenly distributes the heat down the cylindrical chamber and heats it from top to bottom.  Oil is not needed, but I usually coat the food with a little olive oil.

What kinds of things can you make in this besides wings and fries?  Think about anything you would lightly fry or deep fry and you can make it in this.  I have garbanzo beans in there now, coated in garlic salt, cayenne and a little bit of olive oil for a high protein snack tomorrow.  You can also cook salmon, steak, fried chicken, homemade chips, pizza, egg rolls, molten chocolate cake, donuts…the opportunities are endless!  There is even a removable divider in the basket, so that you can make fries in one section and meat in another section.

I highly recommend the Ming Tsai air fryer.  When you want to make a quick 15 minute to 30 meal, you can set the timer and work on other parts of your meal, and let the air fryer go to work.  You will wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner.  Check this baby out and color your takeout with love <3!

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