Model Bakery – St. Helena, CA – Oprah Recommended!

I left San Francisco to head to wine country.  A close friend and I hit some wineries on our way up north, and found ourselves at a beautifully, quaint inn, called Inn at St. Helena

The leaves were starting to turn and fall and the mornings were crisp and chilly.  I had a 1/2 mile walk in this brisk, almost icy air, to get to The Culinary Institute of America for the first day of my boot camp, so I needed some nourishment.  I walked out my door, and instead of turning left to go to the school, I turned right, to check out the sweet little town of St. Helena.  I came upon Model Bakery

and quickly learned that Oprah absolutely LOVES their homemade english muffins.  They are crispy and toasty on the outside, and billowy and soft after you bite into them.  They hold the sandwich together and you can pile whatever you want in there and those slices can handle every little morsel.  I had a simple sandwich of eggs, arugula and pickled red onions.  I initially had it on a plate and sat to enjoy my tea and breakfast…then got into some conversations with locals…and realized the time!  Time for school.  I had a half mile to go.  I wrapped up the rest of my sandwich, finished my chai tea…then headed off for my walk.  Time to work off the calories….then go to boot camp…learn new skills and cook with food I never tasted before in my entire life!  Follow my journey as I went to classes!!

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