My Veggie Vietnamese Bowl

My Veggie Vietnamese Bowl I grew up with two New York City parents in Pennsylvania. One of the virtues they instilled in me is to appreciate diversity. Once I got interested in cooking, I began to crave the knowledge of global cuisine…and I wanted to try every little bit of it! I loved Chinese food..butContinue reading My Veggie Vietnamese Bowl

Thanksgiving Special Blog

I had the honor of being a guest on a Harrisburg, PA morning show called Good Day in PA.  They gave me total freedom to make the show about anything I wanted, so I chose Thanksgiving as my theme.  I wanted to highlight an “after Thanksgiving” sandwich, and also a vegetarian option.  One of theContinue reading Thanksgiving Special Blog

Smoky Cheesy Tomato Tart

How did I begin my love affair with making tarts? I had the idea of jumping into trying out five complex French recipes on my friends, who were coming for dinner that night. One of these recipes was a carrot mustard tart. I was curious…what other tarts are out there?? The fun concept of theContinue reading Smoky Cheesy Tomato Tart