Pampered Chef Kitchen Shears – Review

If you only have one tool in your entire kitchen, it should be the kitchen shears. Whether you are a brand new home cook, just learning a few new culinary techniques or you can film your own version of “Chopped” on you granite, shimmering kitchen island, buy these shears!

They are useful, strong and cut through almost everything that you can imagine. I remember being intimidated to break down a whole chicken. I was worried about the knife slipping or cutting it in the wrong area and making it look lopsided. These shears can cut through bone. They can also cut through very thick pieces of meat. If I want to cube some beef for a stew, I use these sheers. It cuts through the fibers cleanly and makes this process a breeze.

Kitchen shears are also helpful when cutting twine, making incisions in pork or other mean to add garlic cloves in a roasting chicken or pork.

One of the ways to be a successful home cook is to find little ways to save time in the kitchen. If you can shave off ten minutes cutting down a challenging piece of meat that will give you better and faster results, you will want to do it again, because it becomes a positive experience. Time- saving gadgets are a must to add to the enjoyment of cooking, but this is the most useful tool I own.

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