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Northeast Woman Winner: The Scranton Times Tribune
Northeast Woman Winner: The Scranton Times Tribune

Hi, my name is Laura Martinetti and I am a food blogger.  I worked 10-12 hour days at my job and I was known as the takeout queen, because cooking was not a huge priority in my life in those days.  In 2008, I was hospitalized for high blood pressure.  During my time there, I watched the cooking shows on Food Network and became fascinated by their techniques, such as knife cuts, etc.  It unlocked a passion in me that I never knew I had and I began the most beautiful journey of my life!

I began to travel to different cities and states to explore the culinary landscape and learn what was hot and why?  I wanted to know how to take the takeout dishes that we enjoy and make a simplified version at home and make it colorful and healthier meal.  Takeout always has a place in our lives, but it will never be made the way we can make it at home with fresh, local ingredients.

In a world where food is mass produced and technology produces food faster for the cheapest amount of money, I want to bring people back into their kitchens.  Let us create memories with our friends and families by cooking healthier meals with them.  Cooking is an expression of love and what is better than that? Color your takeout with love!


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    1. Thank you so much, Chris! I really appreciate your comment! Feel free to give any feedback or comment on the things you like and want to see more of…etc. Thanks again! I really appreciate the support!!

  1. You’re so wonderful and the food looks absolutely amazing, you oughta see the folks in my office crowding my computer right now…. you go little cookin’ hottie!!

    1. Hahahah!!! Awwwwww….. thank you so much! I’m so glad all of you are enjoying my blog. I’m working to make it better and better 🙂

  2. Hi Laura, I met you at the luggage carousel at the Scranton airport on Saturday…..did your “carry on” arrive? Love the blog and your story!! Also love meeting strong, interesting, and competent young women!:) Best of Luck and I look forward to your recipes and blogs. Glad we bumped into each other.

    1. You are so kind and thank you so much for checking out my blog. I will update it each week. Yes, I finally got my luggage at the bitter end…and I’m so happy to be home! Thanks so much for chatting with me and checking up on me as well 🙂 Have a wonderful week and please feel free to keep the comments coming! Any questions you have on here also…keep that coming too. I love the questions 🙂

  3. I could not agree with you more. Cooking is an expression of love. My grandma Minche always said not to eat cooked food by anyone who does not love you. Best of luck in your new venture. Love you!

  4. I’ve struggled with weight most of my life and came across your website. Found you on Facebook apparently you reacted to a post I made regarding Jenny eskins photography that I purchased. Anyway I’m interested in finding out more about nutrition and how I could eat better.

    1. Hi Joseph! Thank you for visiting my site! Even people who seem to have it together with weight loss all work hard to try to find the right foods. The confusing labels don’t make it any easier. My goal with my site is to show you some simple ways to hit as many colors as we can in our dishes and use real, fresh food as much as possible. The most important thing is to be consistent. Enjoy something you love once in awhile, but make most of your meals cleaner. I highly recommend “In Defense of Food”, the documentary, by Michael Pollan. He reviews some of the confusing messages that the food companies send us. He also has an “easy read” book called Food Rules. The bottom line is eat real food as much as possible, limit processed food, but enjoy an indulgence once in awhile. It’s also important to find a way to move in some way, and everyday. All you need to do is walk. If you want to lift weights, you can get wrist and ankle weights. I wear ankle weights when I clean the house and it does wonders. Check out some of Michael Pollan’s books at first, and you’ll get some valuable information about eating great food. Be patient with yourself. It doesn’t happen in one day. Be consistent, be forgiving, but have it in your mind that you will make small changes and stick to it. It takes 3 weeks to develop a habit. You can do it! My site is under construction now…but follow me on Facebook & Instagram. My updates are there right now. Hopefully, my site will be up and running by next month. 🙂

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