Spicy Steak w/Wine Soaked Sweet Onions & Long Hot


I work a typical 10-12 hour day, so when I got home…I had a steak in the fridge…a sweet onion and long hots.  I thought…what could I do to make this a sweet & spicy dish?

I’ve been soaking onions in vinegar lately to take the bite out of them, then I add sugar & salt.  I opened up the refrigerator and saw a bottle of table wine that was half full.  I thought…why not soak it in some white wine instead of vinegar to give it that extra mellowness?  Of course, I needed some spice… and how convenient to add in a long hot or two.

I cooked the steak the way I always do…then drained the wine soaked onions and long hot and sprinkled into the steak juices after I removed the steak.  The comfort of the filling steak was cut with the elegant white wined flavored onions with that extra kick of long hot spice!  This recipe only has one…but if you are feeling extra spicy and colorful, add two!

Spicy Steak w/Wine Soaked Sweet Onions & Long Hot

6 oz steak

1 sweet onion (thinly sliced)

1 long hot (1/2 inch slices)

1 cup white wine

1 tbsp olive oil

1/3 cup of raw sugar

1 tbsp sea salt

1/2 tbsp ground pepper

salt & pepper

     Place the pan onto medium to high and put in the olive oil.  Salt and pepper the steak and allow to sit for a few minutes to reach room temperature.

     Slice the onion and long hot and pour the wine, salt, pepper and sugar in the bowl and mix it all together.  Allow it to sit.

     Let the steak sizzle about 3-4 minutes per side.  In order to check it, use your finger.  If it is squishy, it is rare.  If it is slightly squishy with some bounce, it’s medium rare.  If it has spring to it, it’s medium.  If it is firm, it is well done.

     Remove the steak and wrap in aluminum foil and allow it to rest.  This will make sure that the steak retains the juice and flavor.

     In the pan, allow the steak juices to remain.  Place the drained onions and long hots in the pan and lower the heat to low.  Stir every 10 minutes and allow them to caramelize for 20 minutes.

      Plate the onions and the long hots in the bowl.  Layer the sliced steak on top and enjoy!

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